Winning STUDENT 1st Scene of THE BOXMAN, by Alexander Beale

Student & Young Filmmakers FEEDBACK Film & Screenplay Festival

Watch the September 2017 Winning Screenplay.

Guy is a safe-cracking savant living in Chinatown. Guy has a… thing. He can open any safe, making him highly valuable with the wrong people.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller


Narrator: Laura Kyswaty
Stella: Premika Leo
Man Next Door: James Boutcher
Old Woman: Julie McCarthy
Old Man: Luke Robinson
Guy: Brandon Knox

Get to know the writer:

What is your screenplay about?

The BoxMan follows Guy, a safecracking savant living in Chinatown, who decides to leave his life of crime, one he was coerced into as a boy in the first place. However, pressure mounts for Guy as a conniving cop and his mob boss employer and her gang of loyal cronies aren’t willing to just let Guy walk away. He’ll have to run.

What genres does your screenplay fall under?

The BoxMan is a coming-of-age story like you’ve never seen. It’s an…

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