Watch the Audience FEEDBACK for the Sci-Fi Short Film “MY BUDDY”


Deadline November 30th for Fantasy/Sci-Fi Screenplay Festival (Feature, Short, TV Pilot):

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK for MY BUDDY:

MY BUDDY, 24min, Canada, Drama/Future
Directed by Mark Moliterni

Through the story of a lonely old man and his android robot butler, “My Buddy” celebrates the power of movies and TV to connect us.

Director’s Statement

The first images for “My Buddy” came to mind while listening to the eponymous song at the end of Arcade Fire’s Funeral bonus disc. Recorded by Win Butler’s grandfather in the 1940s, the song’s about an anachronistic robot singing to a lost friend, which I thought was a sweet and quirky story to base a film on. And when I learned that Alvino Rey’s death served as an inspiration for Funeral, I looked to my own grandfather as inspiration for the film.

At 92 years old, Emmanuel Moliterni spends his days in a sunken recliner…

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